Hello from the Livewire team! I’m sitting here in an empty Diamond (which, by the way, has been redone and is oh-so-classy…come and have a look…Brian Houston will be playing in it on Tuesday night, double bonus!) whilst the guys set up their instruments on stage. The team will be arriving soon, ready to meet the lovely 15-18s and get into the programme.

We’re all excited about the programme, looking at the life of Jesus with the overlying theme of the truth that God is God no matter what we are walking through in our lives. I’ll blog more about the content after our sessions!

The Livewire team has enjoyed getting to know each other over this weekend and have been getting used to the air-mattress-lying, yummy-muffins-eating, lots-of-banter-having ways of the week.

The guys have just come in and are playing Alyn Jones’ ice-breaker games to the sounds of Katy Perry pumping…lots of smiling faces and excitement in the air – I’m away to join in!