When you speak to anyone about the book of the Acts of the Apostles, especially the early chapters, the incident they all bring to mind is the one off unique happening that we now refer to as pentecost.

This morning at New Horizon, Trevor Morrow took us back there.

We looked at several happenings:
1) The arrival of the powerful wind, the breath of God. We were reminded of the dry bones Ezekiel prophesied to in chapter 37. Before someone can come to faith the Spirit of God has to perform a resurrection of their spirit before anything can happen.

2) The tongues of fire gave us a real sense of a God who wants to deal with our sin. Reminders of the pillar of fire in the wilderness, the coal of fire that was used to touch Isaiah’s lips and Mount Sinai smoking with the presence of God upon it.

3) The speaking in tongues: Everyone was able to hear and believe. These people were illiterate and uneducated and all of a sudden they were communicating in a different language! It was almost laughable! These men were not out of control or chemically induced in what they were saying.

Then Peter takes to his feet and speaks to the people. This was a strong representation of the new Israel, the new Temple that God was establishing. He was basically telling the Jewish people, don’t be surprised with this, after all this is what your prophet Joel told you to expect “in the last days.”

Trevor then finished detailing what he believes to be the 5 marks of the last days:
1) A period of unimaginable abundance.
2) Expansion of the kingdom
3) An occasion when people will exercise prophecy (not necessarily the gift of prophecy but rather knowing the truth and speaking out the truth at the right time and place.
4) Upheaval and insecurity in the world.
5) A day of amazing opportunity – Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

At that point in time everything will be alright and so we sang about it with Trevor leading us from the front!