Sunday 3 August

Rachel Gardner
Rachel Gardner

Youth leader and author Rachel Gardner  from Romance Academy is passionate about helping young people to have healthy relationships.  Here’s a taste of her message at New Horizon on Sunday evening: 

You are here to meet Jesus! I would love more freedom in my life to introduce people to just how incredible and wonderful Jesus is…  At the end of Job, he meets God, “Now my eyes have seen you…!”

Tonight, we are going to focus on the King!  We want to see Jesus.

Mark 8: 27 – 32  Jesus takes his disciples away and asks, “Who do people say that I am? …what about you? Peter answers, “You are the Christ.”

Jesus had taken His people to Caesarea Philippi. It is the furthest north that He is ever recorded going and it was a deeply pagan area. This place was seething with worship to powers and dominions and kingdoms that set themselves up in direct opposition to God.

As Peter declares, “You are the king we’ve been waiting for!” it was in stark contrast to all the other gods surrounding them. After this, Jesus turns around and heads south towards Jerusalem and the cross!

God sets fire to our imagination and expands our vision of who He is. Maybe the idea that we have of Jesus needs expanding. Fresh revelation of the King will transform our vision of the Kingdom. My prayer tonight is that we have a fresh revelation of King Jesus because it always has been and always will be about Him.

Are you tired of moral defeat in your Christian life?
Are you wrestling with doubt or self doubt?
Are you eager for new ways to do mission and tell people about Jesus?
Are you satisfied that all you’ve seen is all you are ever going to see or are you hungry for something more?

We should ask God to pour the spirit of King Jesus so completely over us that we are filled with joy, victorious over sin and bold to witness.

… The times you pray for a colleague at work.
… The times that you love your children unconditionally.
… The times that you pick up litter rather than walk on by and complain about the state of the neighbourhood.

… This is what happens when you see the beauty of the king!  There is only one way to follow Jesus. Following Him with everything you have!