By Beth Hamil

Who’s the team behind the screen?

The media team is made up of over 20 people, operating different aspects of the widely diverse media styles included at New Horizon. We’re the product of a mountain of mac laptops, a blue media hut and one too many trips to Bob and Bert’s.

The team includes three journalists, three graphic designers, three photographers, four videographers, two event managers as well as five mentors. Each of us are assigned jobs to help make your experience at New Horizon even more enjoyable. We operate the website and social media, keep you updated and help you catch up on what you may have missed.

The Journalists complete write ups, blogs and our own personal view of what goes on behind the scenes at New Horizon. We can also interview different people. We update daily on the website to make sure you are always informed and to give you different things to read in any free time you may have.

Next come the photographers. Any time they don’t spend running about capturing photographs they are working on the laptops to edit the images, ensuring the photos are as good as possible. They’re the ones with the bright blue jackets flashing past you during the evening celebrations and darting around New Horizon all day.

The graphic designers are the creative energy that helps keep New Horizon interesting and modern. They’re busy updating the logo and social media banners for New Horizon 2018.

The videographers are behind the camera of every video you watch. Whether in the main tent or on the website, they’re the masterminds. They shoot all the footage and then edit it to create the videos, which are then shown to you.

The events managers make sure everything runs smoothly on the stage. They give everyone microphones and ensure everyone is at the correct place at the correct time. Because of them, everyone going on to stage is prepared and ready to go.

Our mentors help guide us in the right direction and make sure we know exactly what we’re doing and feel confident.