This year at New Horizon we are trialing a new blog feature – ‘Speakpipe‘.

Follow the Speakpipe link in the ‘Blogroll’ section on the lefthand side of the website. When you arrive you will be greeted with this:


Hit the ‘Start recording’ button, the microphone on your computer will turn on as if by magic! And hello, you will be able to drop us a voicemail.

Why, do I hear you ask? Because we want to hear from you! We want to hear your thoughts, views, opinions, questions, critiques, musings and more.

  • Want a blog post detailing something about the event that you and others would like some clarification over? Speakpipe us!
  • Want to drop us any old thoughts about the event? Speakpipe us!
  • Want to get in early with a question for a seminar? Speakpipe us!

The sweet bit – you get to say it out loud for us to hear! Is that not sort of cool?