Over 300 people are working behind the scenes at New Horizon this week. From the enthusiastic kids and youth teams running programmes for the young ones to the incredible stewards, admin staff, media team, technicians, prayer team, and so many more… these folks are delighted to serve so everyone can enjoy a great week together.

On Sunday afternoon, many of the volunteers gathered for a commissioning service using words from the Methodist Covenant to dedicate their work to God.

Bishop Harold Miller spoke from Ephesians 4 encouraging each one to serve with:

1) A sense of calling – following God’s lead.

2) A heart of compassion – recognising the needs of others.

3) A commitment to communion – working together in unity.

4) The gifts God gives us (charism) – refusing to compare ourselves with others but appreciating and valuing each person’s gift.

5) An increasing Christ-likeness – moving on to maturity in shining for Jesus.