Monday 8 August

Each day, members of the NH Media team bring you their impressions of New Horizon.  Here Lisa Brown shares about her experiences during the first full day of the conference.

As the media team meets for morning devotions, I sip my first coffee of the day. Surrounded by 20 other people in the group, when my mentor Ruth speaks, it feels like she is talking directly to me and only me. She takes us to the book of Ezra, explaining how the people of Israel start to build the foundations of the temple, but then stopped. They lost focus, lost the enthusiasm and passion for building a temple for God. It took another 10 years, and the encouragement of the prophets, for them to finally go back and start building again. She encouraged us, through her own story, that persevering can be a long and hard road, but by the will and strength of God, we can achieve what we have set out to achieve.

The sound of worships kicks off the start of the Monday morning service. The speaker this morning is Heather Morris. When Heather speaks, peace seems to flow from her words and radiate from her presence. She is talking about the power of the Holy Spirit using The Message version of John 15:26 “He will take you by the hand and He will lead you to all the truth there is”. Heather’s passionate talk about how the Holy Spirit is promised to us is brought to a close with the moving and spirit-filled atmosphere of worship music.

With a choice of seminars in several different locations, I decide on the “Parenting for Faith” by Rachel Turner and am I glad I did! Rachel hilariously takes us to a new level of being spiritual parents in order to have spiritual children. Through stories of her own experience, and even through the dramatic actions of skipping an imaginary rope and having a lie down on the floor, she gave tips and advice on how to help our children become God connected children as well as God smart children.

Having had a blessed day, but also one where I suffered the telling signs of a migraine that was about to unleash its full debilitating affect of its power, all I really wanted to do was go to bed and curl up under the duvet and sleep the pain away.

However, I found myself back at the main tent again and started to relax as the music rose (and the painkillers started to work). As Dave Richards spoke, my heart listened. He talked about and prayed over our spiritual gifts, Dave told of how, throughout his experience, people seemed to be less happy if their gifts were administration, service or hospitality, and wanted a ‘better’ gift such as preaching or prophecy. He reminded us that all gifts are given from the same Spirit, all are to be used for the edification of the church and invited us to prayer ministry if needed. The presence of the Spirit of God could be felt throughout the tent, and, I felt filled with grace and hope.