Tuesday 8 August

Each day at New Horizon, members of the Media Team bring you their impressions of the conference.  Here 16-year-old Keith Cassidy shares his experiences:

It’s a beautiful Tuesday morning here at the Coleraine University site as we embark on day four of New Horizon .

It’s an absolute pleasure being part of the Media team, a group of people who are so gifted, love Jesus and have a desire to serve the Father. We’ve had our coffee, we’ve done our devotional and we’ve prayed together – now the day begins.

As I sit in the Main Tent just before Bible Study, the tent is quickly filling with people as Ryan Griffith is singing in worship. It’s been incredible to have Ryan Griffith, Luke Hellebroth and his wife Anna from Worship Central leading us over the last few days.

One thing that strikes me at New Horizon is the generosity when it comes to the offering, it’s the generosity of those who visit that makes New Horizon possible year after year and keeps it free of charge for everyone to come and learn about the Father and to grow their relationship with Him.

Bible Teaching with Heather Morris was incredible – to read God’s Word along with hundreds of people and then to study it verse by verse, learning what it says and how it impacts our lives. Today we were looking at Romans 8.

Verses 14-17 resonated with me, “The Spirit assures us we are children of God. We don’t follow God out of fear, but we follow God because we are ‘His adopted children’.

As a member of the Media Team, I thought it would only be right to support Allistair Hamil at his seminar on landscape photography and how that correlates with faith. One word to describe it? Inspirational.

As a musician and as an intern journalist here at New Horizon, I’m someone who is passionate about music, writing and Jesus. Hearing Alistair speak on his passion and how it works with his faith was quite moving for me and the other artists and creators who were gathered in the room.

Of course there are plenty of seminars on across New Horizon and I would encourage anyone to attend any seminar that may interest them!

I’ve worked, I’ve been fed and now I’m back again at the Evening Celebration. The tent has been filled, everyone has their coffee and Barry has welcomed up the new worship band for the rest of the week.

From the outset of the evening, there was a sense of unity. The worship band opened with “Build Your Kingdom Here,” flags were brought in to the main tent – representing every nation and everyone in the main tent sang together in unity.

This message was echoed in Dave’s talk. In Coleraine alone, there are so many different churches. Vineyard, Baptist, Presbyterian, Free Presbyterian… the list goes on; but Dave reminded us, “God sees one church.”

That’s how I see New Horizon. The unity of so many generations, people of different walks of Christianity, and so many teams that pull the event together. Unity Through the Power of His Spirit.