Each day the NH Media team brings you their impressions of New Horizon.  Here Beth Hamil talks about the Sunday Evening celebration:

Walking into the tent at New Horizon before the beginning of the evening celebration, I was surrounded by the hum of hundreds of conversations and engulfed in a sea of people of all backgrounds, ages, races and walks of life; an atmosphere of excitement growing from the second I sent foot inside.

I found a seat and the evening celebration began with the sound of the instruments reaching every shadow and corner in the tent, quickly followed by the voices of hundreds of people singing praises to God. You could sense the unity as everyone came together with the same intention to give their hearts and minds to God.

The evening message began with the microphone amplifying words from the speaker about the importance of kindness, gentleness and honesty in the church and how we should ultimately become known as a loving and accepting church, rather than being known in a negative light.

One thing he said strongly resonated with me: “Hurt people hurt people”. This could be descriptive of the church’s attitude at certain times however with God on our side, we have nothing to fear and as God’s followers we should be kind and accepting and loving. As I sat in the dimly-lit tent and the speaker’s words washed over each one of us, the hundreds of people were silenced; intently listening to the speaker. His words echoed long after he finished speaking, as everyone took in his message and you could feel God’s presence among us.

Just before the end, the younger generation (ages 30 or younger) responded to an invitation to come forward so we could sing a message of hope and pray for God to restore and heal us. Scanning the crowd, I could see all the younger people filtering out of the rows and proudly making their way to the front of the tent. I followed from the back of the tent, watching as everyone else held their hands up and prayed for us.

I stood among all the people my age and felt such a strong atmosphere of hope as we were all unified in our love for God.

Everyone was praying for our healing and our happiness and I felt God’s presence standing around all of us, giving me a feeling of trust and a place to belong.