Navigating around New Horizon can be difficult especially if you’ve never been before. Here’s some information to help you!

What is New Horizon & where is it held?
New Horizon is a seven day Christian festival that takes place every year on the Ulster University campus in Coleraine, set on the picturesque north coast of Northern Ireland. It exists to provide a space and time in which thousands of people of all ages can be taught from the bible, be inspired through worship and story, develop a missional heart, and engage with relevant and challenging issues. MAP

When is it?
The first Saturday in August to the following Friday.  4-10 August 2018

What happens at New Horizon?
Most of the adult programme happens at the ‘Tented Village’.
The Evening Celebrations (1930 Sat-Fri) & Morning Bible Readings (1000 Mon-Fri) take place in ‘The Main Tent’ (aka the big blue tent).
From 1145 Mon-Fri you have a choice of 5-7 NH Explore seminars that take place around the Tented Village or the Main University Buildings.


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Do I need a ticket or register to attend?
No tickets or registration required to attend the adult programme.
Offerings will be taken at events in the Main Tent.

Is there anything for Children & Young People?
Each morning 0945-1300 around 1,000 children & young people from 0-18 have their own programmes.
You can register on Saturday & Sunday nights at 1830 in the Bann Venue behind the cafe tent.

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Where do I park or what public transport is available?

Car Parking is available in the University car parks. Car Park charging will apply between the following times: Monday to Thursday: 0700–1900, Friday: 0700–1700.

Payment can be made by presenting a credit card at the barrier on entry and again on exit and the system will calculate the tariff due and deduct it from the credit card account.  Alternatively payment can be made at pay stations on campus before exiting, see map opposite for location of pay stations.

A free shuttle bus service will operate between the New Horizon designated car parks and the Tented Village both morning and evening.

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What shall I  wear?
There is no dress code for New Horizon, apart from sensible footware as underfoot may be a bit mucky.  Also the tents can become hot or you may be seated near an exit so come prepared for all weather!

Where do I stay?
New Horizon is a non-residential event.  If you need somewhere to stay, there is accomodation in the University residences on campus or in the local area.
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For on-campus accommodation you should contact the University Accommodation Office, Tel: 028 7012 4088, Email:

For local accommodation contact Coleraine Visitor Information Office, Tel: 028 7034 4723 or CLICK HERE

If you have any other queries please contact us