For those of us who aren’t Jews.

This morning at New Horizon Trevor Morrow returned to the platform and resumed his place as a much loved and respected Bible teacher.
This year we are looking at Acts and how the truth was initially unleashed  into an unsuspecting world through the infant church.
Commissioned by his dear friend and sponsor Theophilus to report on the person of Jesus Christ, Luke recaps his gospel and then picks up the threads of the  post resurrection story.
Theophilus was wrestling with the issue many of us still wrestle with, a Jewish Bible written by and for Jews, so where do the rest of us fit in.

Trevor highlighted for us how:
a) The ministry of Christ was deeply connected with the old covenant with Israel.
b) The Kingdom that Christ was establishing developed slowly, organically.
c) In His kingdom it will no longer be for ethnic Jews.
d) The Kingdom is established in and through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Trevor then went on to highlight numerous ways in  which Luke’s gospel differs from the other gospels in its emphasis of the work or the Holy spirit in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.
The truth cannot be unleashed in our life, witness or ministry unless it is done in and through the power of the Holy Spirit.
This was however not without its problems.
1) Are you going to restore Israel now? (It’s all about us)
2) Will blessing come now? (it’s not for you to know- leave it to the Father)

He finished by saying that we need understanding, we need to wait and seemingly Protestants are no good at doing this.) and we need to be prepared.
The disciples replaced Judas with Matthais to restore the number to 12 so as to create a credible public witness to the Jewish people, something of a public relations exercise that gave the early church credibility with the people.
We, as the church of today need to follow this pattern… but how?