By Beth Hamil

On Wednesday evening, while most of the North Coast was hidden away from the cold night, the New Horizon media team plunged into the darkness of the Giant’s Causeway. We were surrounded by the towering cliffs blocking out any and all light, except for the occasional natural light of the moon when it escaped the dark embrace of the clouds. Three hours and a pack of wire wool later, this is what we created…

Walking down into the darkness of the Giant’s Causeway was like stepping into a different world. What was hours earlier was buzzing with life and energy was now completely empty and silent, not a soul to be seen.

We made our way onto the rocks, scattering ourselves across them as the photographers set up their equipment, preparing to photograph what would soon be the lit up natural phenomenon.

A couple of us made our way to different parts of the Causeway to be photographed. We ventured into the desolate darkness, voices of our team echoing from the other side.

After the camera flashes stopped, the wire wool appeared. Once again, members of the team made their way across the Causeway. Moments later, flashes of light went flying in every angle, portraying the Causeway in a way never seen before. For moments at a time the sparks lit up our eyes and our view, creating a whirlwind of light and energy before fading out, drawing us back into the darkness.

After three hours of hurricanes of light and camera flashes breaking the blackout, as we made our way back up, the moon escaped the cloud’s grasp one last time, lighting our way as if giving us a spotlight.