If you could get up on to the stage and give a message to everyone, what would you say? What is your prayer?

IMG_0194-1Margaret –  “I would want people to properly hear the word, take it away and really apply it in their lives. A big prayer is that for Christians, this would be transforming, culturally and in every way.

Robert – People should ask themselves, “Will this night change your life?” and “Is this going to help the church in Northern Ireland change?”


Clare – “My prayer for strengths for Christians at New Horizon because being a Christian anywhere can be difficult but I think especially in this country it is hard.”




Ryan – “I can guarantee that there are non-Christians in the room so if I was on stage I’d tell them the truth. They need to know the good news, the message that God wants a personal relationship with us. It is crazy to know that our creator wants this. I met a guy at Live Wire earlier who I would encourage everyone to pray for. He is a Youth Pastor in Moira who has a heart for teenagers and wants them to come to know Jesus. He’s so passionate about what God is working on.”

IMG_0195-1Rebecca – “My highlight so far this year has been the worship at Live Wire, which is so loud, lively and bouncy. I would ask people to pray for the church in general, that more people would come, in order for it to grow and that churches might experience worship like New Horizon.”



IMG_0202-1Kyle – “If I had my chance on stage I would tell everyone that it doesn’t matter what age you are, God can save anyone, no one is too young or too old to come to know Jesus.”

David and KarlDavid  – “I think we need to pray for the church itself because for the last number of years, the church has been careless so now it needs to wake up and act like Jesus acted.”

Karl – “I’m a Pastor in America, but if I could speak to an audience at New Horizon I would say that we need to rethink atonement theology. God is more gracious and loving than most of us realise. And, I would also remind people to pray for Syria and that these prayers would lead to action.”