Genesis 41; Genesis 45.

Ambition. What motivates you? What is the core ambition of your heart? What would lead you to happiness? What would enable you to say “I am fulfilled”?

We aspire and strive and struggle for success, esteem, fulfillment – and the moment it comes, we sense its hollowness. What is true fulfillment, what is real joy and real power?

Genesis 41: 16. How did he know power?

1. The first key phrase is “I can’t”.

He has gone on a journey from slavery to success; his moment has now come, every ambition is about to be realised. When this comes, he says “I can’t…but God will”. He knows 2 things: he is weak, and God is great. This is the great resolution of Joseph’s heart. 

When Johnny Cash recorded his album in San Quentin prison; the title track tells the story of a prisoner’s relationship with the prison: “I’ll walk out of you a wiser, weaker man.”

We sang today, “take me as you find me, all my fears and failures”…God knows us. He knows that “we can’t”, but “He can”. God will break down all we have, all we know – we’re self-conscious, we have insecurities, we wonder how God will ever use us…or maybe we think we’ve got it all together and then, we fell God chipping away at us. It is at those very moments that God says, “you can’t, but I can”.

2. The 2nd thing we see is that “I can”. Despite all of the things Joseph had suffered at the hands of his brothers, he is able to say “I can” in forgiving them. It is only when we find the realisation of God that we can enjoy our self-realisation before God. Joseph is able to move on, and forgive. He realised it wasn’t his brothers who sent him to Egypt, but God. He had reason to be hurt, but said “I can” in forgiving them and working past it.

We need to look at the One who is able to say “I can” as Joseph with most reason: Jesus. He took on us all of his sin, every fibre of fallenness and failure, He forgives. He gives us grace. He says “I can”.

We are Joseph. We can’t. God can.