Last night, we had a time of sung worship after the evening celebration, open to Livewireians and anyone else. We came at it with an expectant heart; thankful that God has been doing such exciting work in our hearts at Livewire and being excited to see what He would do during the evening.

In prayerfully considering the evening, as well as the week in general, we had been asking God to show us the joy and the fullness of who He is in a way that would eclipse and surpass any temptation or distraction the world can offer. He is more, He is enough, He is God.

Truthfully, last night, I felt under attack – during the ‘worship set’ there was a strong sense that this is a battlefield; there was such spiritual tension and we had to constantly recommit to God, refocus on Him, ask Him to come and invade our hearts, ask Him to take over. And then it struck me – it is so incredibly amazing that we were all able to come and meet with the living God, to speak to Him and listen to His voice.

As you know from the Livewire blogs, we’ve been considering deep issues that are often painful to deal with. And yet – whether we are on a high or in the pit, struggling with temptation and sin in our lives, or bathing in grace and forgiveness, suffering from negative thoughts concerning our identities, self-harming, not eating, thinking of death, abusing our bodies, worrying about A-levels or uni, seeking a job, content in a job, enjoying our families or painfully walking through harmful and difficult family relationships, feeling alone and wanting ‘that’ special relationship, battling through a relationship, feeling God’s presence or wondering if He was there, feeling fearful and apprehensive or confident and sure…we were all able to come.

Not just that, but we were all able to sing. Blessed be His name. His love never fails. He is for us. These things are true no matter what we are walking through. He is God. He is constant. He is faithful.

I’m blown away.