This morning, we’ve been working on deconstructing the story-book version of the story of Joseph many of us have grown up with…a lovely wee rainbow coat, Andrew Lloyd Weber, and the rest. Whilst our poor Mark Baxter began to read the story in a ‘nicey-nice’ way, he was wrestled to the ground by Matt Graham, A.K.A the quarterback who turned from beating up athletes to beating up bad preachers – he likes the ‘nitty gritty’. So with this, our morning began.

The passage we studied is Genesis 37:1-11.

2 thoughts from this week’s speaker, Andrew Roycroft…

1. God’s Raw Material. Joseph is favoured – loved by his father, Israel, more than his other sons. He was made a richly ornamented coat to be set apart from everyone else. Joseph flaunted this…and was a ‘brat’. Privileged but proud. Called but conceited. This complicated background and character is part of the point of this story – God takes people with all kinds of rough edges to use them for his glory.

We are Joseph – we are not straightforward, our lives are not linear. It is encouraging to think that God takes people who are weak, flawed, and failing to use them. We become instruments in God’s hands.

There’s a ‘but’, however…

God’s priority is what He will do IN Joseph, rather than THROUGH Joseph, which leads to point 2: God’s Refining Mercy.

We need to be aware of God’s desire to come and take away the bad, to work in us, in order to use us outwardly. Our prayer is that God would come and bring powerful transformation – and make us people who matter. The question is this: will we let God do the job? Are we willing to say, yes, I’m Joseph – God use me for your glory?

Some of our Livewire leaders were interviewed in preparation for this week – talking about the ways in which they are ‘Joseph’. Struggles with identity – finding it in people, difficulties in being single, hiding behind appearances…we are flawed. We are Joseph. But God is changing us. He is God. He is merciful and in that, He will use us.

Thanks for reading! Gemma from the Livewire team.