omf Victoria Walsh – OMF

“I’ve come to New Horizon to enjoy the fellowship and to promote OMF. OMF is about reaching Asia’s millions with the gospel in innovative, creative ways. For example, a lot of OMF’s work currently is focused on the Diaspora project, which is about reaching Asians in the UK, being a missionary can mean going abroad, but you can be a missionary on your doorstep! I’ve enjoyed New Horizon so far because there is a real buzz about the event, and you can sense that people are here to learn. I also enjoy the energetic, passionate teaching.”



William Mateer – OM

“I have been coming to New Horizon essentially since its formation, and I am the Missions Coordinator for the event. I attend many different Christian events representing OM, and in my opinion New Horizon is the best.”






Anonymous – Arab World Ministries

“I’ve come to New Horizon because the Mission felt that it was a great opportunity to engage with the Christian public and encourage them. I like New Horizon because it is not specifically mission focused, and therefore there is a very wide range of people to connect with.”






Rebecca Pickering – Middle East Christian Outreach (MECO)
“I’ve come to New Horizon to help people understand what they can do to serve God both short-term and long-term. I like the event because of the missional focus and the fact that there is plenty of space to walk around and find out more about different missions. There is also a great opportunity to connect with people of different age groups, and it’s well publicised.”


Mervyn Bothwell – Prospects

“I’ve been coming to New Horizon for about 20 years. I’m here to raise awareness of Prospects, a Christian charity which reaches out to those with learning disabilities. I go to plenty of Christian events but New Horizon is THE major Christian event.”


Misson Direct

Missons Direct

“We’ve come to New Horizon from England to offer short-term opportunities to ordinary people. So far we’ve found the event to have great worship, a good buzz around and it’s certainly an exciting opportunity for missionary organisations to connect with the public.”


Mike Burnham – 10ofthose

“I’ve come to New Horizon to support 10ofthose selling books. The organisation has a heart for giving out good, solid Christian book to encourage Christians in their walk with the Lord. I love New Horizon because of the sound gospel teaching and how people are so united in their faith.”


David Morrow – UFM

“I’m here at New Horizon to promote UFM and to see and hear what’s going on. UFM’s aim is simply to take the gospel to all people, wherever they are. I’ve enjoyed New Horizon so far because of the broad cross-section of people here and the sense of unity and purpose at the event.”