NH 30@30

In 2018 – 2019, New Horizon is celebrating 30 years of faithfully seeking to serve God. In that time, we’ve been blessed by God’s faithfulness, by the generosity of His people, and by the stewardship and service of so many who make this week happen.

The NH 30@30 campaign is seeking to celebrate the past, provide opportunity in the present and look to the future by inviting as many as possible to partner together in the Lord’s work through New Horizon.

You are not giving to tentpoles, you are giving to testimonies – stories of people who have come to faith, brought their children up in faith and made decisions inspired by our faithful God. You are giving to prayers offered up by people on their knees, to choruses of hallelujahs, to the seminar that saw a broken heart made whole through the love of God. You are giving to thank the generation that came before you, and to those who will come after you.

SO WHAT IS NH 30@30?

We believe that almost everyone who comes to New Horizon can share the financial load according to their means… consider this…

  • £30 a year is £2.50 a month
  • £30 twice a year is £5 a month
    For some this is more than enough …  and we are  grateful!
  • £30 a quarter is £120 a year
    This is comparable with the cost of a fee-paying adult at a seven-day conference 
  • £30 a month is £360 per year
    Perhaps this suits someone who wishes to bless others, or a family coming for the full week.
  • £30 a week is £1560 per year
    This is for those individuals, businesses who believe they can share their generosity with others.

Why not prayerfully consider making a NH 30@30 pledge

Fill in a short form and you will receive an email on how to put your pledge into action.  If you prefer indicate and we will contact you.

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