Prayer Tent

The Prayer Tent at New Horizon is the place to go if you would like someone to pray with you – either after the Morning Bible Reading or after the Evening Celebration. There you will find members of the Pastoral Support Team who will be prepared to spend time with you to pray about whatever is on your heart – whether it is an issue which is burdening you or something you feel the Lord is saying to you at New Horizon.

Anything you share will be treated in confidence. Should you need extra help with something, then our team will be happy to find you a professional counsellor – appointments are available during the week of New Horizon as well as after the Event.

So don’t carry your burden alone – come over to the Prayer Tent and share it with someone.


Quiet Room

This year we have also created a Quiet Room where you can go if you want to be on your own. New Horizon is a busy week and sometimes we need to escape from the hustle and bustle just to find time and space to think, reflect, meditate, pray or rest. If that is what you need, then make your way to the Quiet Room where you will find a warm, welcoming environment which provides you with the tranquility and solitude you are looking for.

Pauline Wilson

Pastoral support team Co-ordinator