Saturday 4 August – Evening Celebration





Author Philip Yancey has written over 30 books including Where is God When it Hurts, The Jesus I Never Knew and What’s so Amazing about Grace?  His books have won 13 Gold Medallion awards from the Christian Publisher’s Association; more than 15 million copies have sold in English; and they have been translated into over 50 languages. Here is a taste of his message from Saturday evening at New Horizon:

(NB: The notes from Saturday and Sunday evenings are abbreviated but for the rest of the week, we will provide full notes of the morning Bible Teaching and evening celebrations).

Seasons of the Soul

Spring is a time of new life. The beauties of nature, classical music and romantic love brought me back to God. I realised that God was the creator and the Father of all good gifts.

I once asked a group of prostitutes, “Why did Jesus choose prostitutes?” In broken English, one replied, “People look down on us. We are the low. Sometimes when you are so low, you cry for help.” We don’t receive grace because we deserve it; it is God’s free gift. To receive it, you must open your hands.

Summertime is alive. It is a time of joy. In India, we visited the Good Shepherd Schools. The Dalit children (untouchables) are so proud to be learning. One girl told us she will become a cardiologist! The summertime of faith brings transformation to others!

Autumn is harvest time but, as the leaves change colour, they fall. The autumn of faith is a time of doubt, struggle and questions when we are barely hanging on. God gives us the words to use in our laments and in our struggles.

In Nepal, we met a woman disfigured by leprosy. By the world’s standard, she was nothing but she was a prayer warrior, a contented and thankful human being.

Winter is for those who go through tough times. I don’t know why terrible things happen. But I do know how God feels about those who suffer. Jesus responds with compassion, tears and healing.

Whatever season you are in:

  • In new spiritual life – share that with others.
  • In the summer of faith – use your energy to serve others.
  • In autumn – struggling with tough questions.
  • In winter – when you have run out of words.

Nothing can happen to you that God cannot use for good.

The Accessible Bible

For millions with sight loss, learning disabilities or lower levels of literacy, accessing God’s Word can be really difficult.  This evening, we heard about Biblica’s project to make the Bible accessible.

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