50 Shades of Red

Session date: Monday 3rd August 2015 Session time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Session location: Overflow 1 Session track ,

Responding to the impact pornography is having on relationships. Our culture is becoming increasingly sexualised. How should the church respond?  Are we gracious and loving as we reach out and challenge or do we simply go 50 shades of red as the latest movies and books are discussed?  We believe that God wants the best for our relationships.  Does fantasy and pornography compromise this?  What impact does porn have on relationships anyway?  This seminar will explore some of the current trends, highlight the impact and encourage us to address this issue with an unconditional love so that together we can help to create a porn free culture.

Session Speakers

Judith Cairns

Judith is the CEO of ‘Love for Life’, a charity dedicated to educating and equipping young people to make informed choices, and have a healthy respect for themselves, relationships and sex. She is married to Des, they have two children, Matthew, 12 and Beth aged nine. She loves nothing more than sharing time (and food!) […]

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Graham Hare

Graham is General Manager of Love for Life.  He is very happily married to Hannah and they have two beautiful daughters Bethany Joy who is almost 3 and Anna Grace who is 8 months.

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