Halfway House Play – Dealing with the Past 100 years on (change from published seminar)

Session date: Friday 12th August 2016 Session time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Session location: U123 Session track ,

It’s a winter’s night; snow has made driving across the Sperrins impossible. Louise and Bronagh, with similar but different backgrounds, end up in the back room of a pub. A conversation they never expected starts about their families and about 1916, the Somme and the Rising.’

And so begins ‘The Halfway House’, a play written by Philip Orr and commissioned by Contemporary Christianity. With their help and in a change to the publicised seminar, we are very excited to be bringing this play to New horizon as our contribution to dealing with the past 100 years on.

Session Speakers

David Smyth

David Smyth is public policy officer at the Evangelical Alliance Northern Ireland. He is passionate about the space where law, politics, culture and Christianity meet. He loves being outside in the County Down countryside. He is privileged to be husband to Judith and father to Maeve and Finn.

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