Developing a Christian Mind: Study at University

Session date: Wednesday 5th August 2015 Session time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Session location: LT13 Session track ,

Developing a Christian Mind: study at University. Students raised in a Christian culture can experience real shock when they encounter different worldviews in their academic studies. Studies in literature, the sciences, music, law and medicine raise deep questions that thoughtful Christians must address. We are called to love the Lord our God with our minds, so it’s important that students learn how to integrate their faith and their academic studies. Instead of having a “church head” and a “work head”, students should know how to develop a Christian mind – one that engages with the culture in which they live and work.

Session Speakers

Jim Crookes

Jim is Vice Chair of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students in Ireland (IFES Ireland). He also serves as one of the Chaplains at Queen’s University. He is a former Director of Software Engineering at BT Group and now serves as a Bible teacher and elder at Crescent Church Belfast. He runs a weekly apologetics […]

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