Did God Love the Canaanites

Session date: Tuesday 4th August 2015 Session time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Session location: Registration Tent Session track ,

Reading the conquest as part of scripture. Christianity proclaims that ‘God so loved the world…’ However there are passages of scripture that depict God as acting in a way that seems totally unloving. Perhaps the most difficult of these are the conquest of Canaan passages in Deuteronomy and Joshua. This seminar will provide some ways of thinking about the conquest that can challenge our understanding and help us to read it as part of scripture. (Note: no easy answer is promised…)

Session Speakers

William Ford

William has taught Old Testament at Belfast Bible College since coming to Northern Ireland from England in 2009. He lives in the Finaghy area of Belfast with his wife Nicole and one year old son Nathan, and they worship at Lowe Memorial. He has a particular interest in difficult Old Testament passages and how we […]

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