Disciple-Making Leaders for Disciple-Making Churches 1

Session date: Monday 8th August 2016 Session time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Session location: LT6 Session track ,

Disciple-making Leaders. How do we continue to love and lead out of God’s grace when the demands are consistent and arduous? What does it mean to lead the whole church in making disciples when people would much rather leaders just did it all for them? How we avoid plateau and burnout as we help our churches embrace a vision for every disciple being involved in the cause of making more disciples? Join us as we think about the joys and struggles of helping churches go deeper with the Lord in making and maturing Christ-saturated disciples.

Session Speakers

Marcus Honeysett

Marcus is married to Ros. His main interest is how to grow disciple-making churches and disciple-making leaders. He is the author of several books including Fruitful Leaders. Marcus is the founder of the Pastoral Refreshment Conference and the School of Missional Disciple-Making.

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