Ego Trip

Session date: Tuesday 9th August 2016 Session time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Session location: Overflow 1 Session track ,

Who am I today? We are obsessed with questions of identity, significance and self-esteem and yet we seem to be as insecure as ever. With concerns being expressed about growing cultural narcissism, why has the self-esteem movement failed so spectacularly to live up to its promises? In this seminar we explore what it means for our identity to be rooted in Christ as bearers of God’s image. How does this change the way we think about self-worth, confidence and resilience?

Session Speakers

Glynn Harrison

Glynn is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, University of Bristol, UK, where he was also a practicing Consultant Psychiatrist and Chair of the Dept. of Psychiatry. An Anglican Lay Minister, he speaks widely on issues of faith and psychology, neuroscience and psychiatry. He and Louise are members of Emmanuel Church, Westbury, near Bristol. Glynn’s recent book, […]

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