Global crises: mission in the midst

Session date: Wednesday 6th August 2014 Session time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Session location: LT7 Session track

When the whole world shakes, what must a child think? Natural disasters devastate communities and hit the headlines, leading to a surge of much-needed aid, money and prayer, but what really happens in the aftermath? How do individuals recover and how are communities rebuilt after the media loses interest? This seminar considers what mission looks like in the wake of catastrophes like the 2010 Haiti earthquake and the 2013 Philippine Typhoon, empowering communities to recover and supporting the local church to bring renewed hope. Be challenged about how Christians can provide more than a sticking-plaster, achieving long-term healing, hope and transformation.

Session Speakers

William Mateer

William, FEBA Radio Ambassador for the past five years has a real passion for sharing the Good News of Jesus with people across the world using technology such as Short-Wave, FM and AM Radio and the internet. FEBA’s First Response Radio works in the aftermath of global crisis to bring much needed information using a […]

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Hayley McIlroy

Hayley McIlroy is the Regional Partnerships Manager for Compassion UK in Northern Ireland. She is passionate about seeing children released from poverty in Jesus’ name, through partnerships between churches in the UK and churches in the 26 developing countries where Compassion works. She has had the privilege of visiting Compassion projects in East India and […]

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Jeannie McCann

Jeannie is Habitat for Humanity’s communications manager, working across Ireland to raise awareness of the need for adequate housing for those desperate for a decent place to call home. Jeannie has worked with vulnerable communities from Bolivia to Zambia and has seen firsthand the transformational work of Habitat in places such as Ethiopia, Argentina and […]

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