Grown and flown – get ready!

Session date: Monday 4th August 2014 Session time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Session location: LT6 Session track

A look at the Empty Nest stage of parenthood, when growing “children” leave home for the first time. Caroline Bradley of Care for the Family and James & Willi Barton will lead the discussion and share their different experiences. What are the major changes that occur and how can we best prepare for them? What impact does this have on our own marriages and what new challenges and opportunities does this new phase present?

Session Speakers

James and Willi Barton

James and Willi lived for almost 40 years in India. They left the ‘parental nest’ and abandoned their two sons in N Ireland – so have a different take on the Empty Nest Syndrome! Since 2003 they have been actively involved in promoting Marriage and Parenting Courses, as well as training others to lead these […]

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Caroline Bradley

Caroline is the national representative of Care for the Family, in Northern Ireland. She and her husband Paul have raised three boys and the emptying of their nest began in 2004 when their first son left for university and ended as the last son has just flown on his wedding day this spring. Caroline will […]

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