India’s Forgotten Children

Session date: Thursday 6th August 2015 Session time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Session location: LT9 Session track ,

Showing of a film about Indian children who are persecuted. This film exposes the widespread trafficking, persecution and oppression among the children of India’s 300 million Dalit community. India’s caste system exerts an unbreakable grip of exploitation and misery on these children. It means trafficking, harvesting of human organs for transplants and the sex trade which involves millions of girls and increasingly even boys. The film is made in north and central India and interviews children who suffer. Christians are working to help alleviate this human tragedy which is happening today in India.  We should warn you …  this film is upsetting. This you must see!

Session Speakers

John McIlvenna

John, a former teacher, has worked for OM in N.Ireland since 2004 and before that with SGM and Baptist Missions. He believes mission is for every Christian, beginning at home and extending across our global village. The opportunities for sharing good news have never been better. John and Eleanor belong to Glenabbey Church. They have […]

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Private: Ravin Royer

Ravin studied and trained as a Vet. He served in OM India for 20 years involved in personal evangelism, church planting and leading the urban poor ministries in North India. The last eight years was spent in giving leadership to the team that established schools for the oppressed castes called dalits. He travelled widely in […]

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