Intellectual Disability and the Church: The Jesus Way

Session date: Friday 12th August 2016 Session time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Session location: Overflow 1 Session track ,

Society whispers false notions about individuals who have intellectual/learning disability, too often resulting in them being marginalised and devalued. Sadly, it is society’s voice that has shaped local church engagement and not the heart of God. What was Jesus’ way with the weak and marginalised? What is the Jesus Way today within local churches? This seminar draws on personal experiences to highlight the disparity between local church practice and the Biblical framework. How can a local Church counter society’s values by embodying ‘the Jesus Way’ for/to….but also with/alongside these precious people?

Session Speakers

Donna Jennings

Donna Jennings has worked as teacher and church planter in Bangladesh. Sandwiching studies at Belfast Bible College between her time overseas, Donna achieved her Master of Theology (QUB) in 2008. With her husband, Nathaniel, she is now based in Ireland and works for OMF. They parent two beautiful and energetic children Micah (age 7) and […]

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