Intellectual Disability and the Gospel: The Jesus Way

Session date: Thursday 11th August 2016 Session time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Session location: Overflow 1 Session track ,

To what extent do our local churches present the gospel to and for everyone? What about those with intellectual disabilities? This conversational seminar offers perspectives on revelation, salvation and discipleship in the context of intellectual/learning disability within the local church. The aim is to rediscover the way of Jesus in the local Church’s expression of the gospel for, with and from people with intellectual disabilities.

Session Speakers

Jill Harshaw

Jill is a lecturer and researcher at Belfast Bible College. Her interest in intellectual disability and theology has developed over many years in both her academic work and personal experience as mother of Rebecca, who has profound and complex intellectual disabilities. Jill is married to William and in addition to Rebecca they have two sons, […]

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Ian Dickson

Ian is Director of Tiō – the Centre for Disability intellectual Theology and Ministry at Belfast Bible College. Formerly Principal of the College, Ian has a background in pastoral ministry and theological education. He is married to Yvonne, a Special Education and Music Teacher, and they have a son Ross (12) and a daughter Amy […]

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