It’s not fair! – perspectives on 21st century justice

Session date: Thursday 7th August 2014 Session time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Session location: M102 Upper Octagon Session track

It’s not fair that 4 billion people are not protected by their justice system. It’s not fair that one in three widows in Africa have their land stolen. It’s not fair that nearly 30 million people today are enslaved. It’s not fair that Christians are the most persecuted religious minority in the world. It’s not fair that in some countries Christians are beaten, jailed, harassed or even killed. ‘It’s not fair…’ Through use of biblical case studies and discussion we will consider what biblical justice looks like and explore ways we can practically seek justice as individuals and churches.

Session Speakers


Geoff has previously worked in local Church leadership and in the training and spiritual development of students preparing for mission and ministry. He now works as Church Development Manager with Open Doors.

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Ruth Cooke

Ruth serves as Regional Development Executive for IJM with an all-Ireland remit.   Ruth’s role is to fuel the global justice movement by drawing attention to everyday violence, influencing leaders to become champions for protecting the poor, equipping Christians to live out their faith’s call to justice and rallying all people of good will to […]

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