Jesus’ kingdom challenge

Session date: Monday 4th August 2014 Session time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Session location: LT13 Session track

Jesus came to earth to save those who are lost. Yet He focused his teaching and activity on something even bigger than that. (Bigger than saving us) He announced, lived, brought, and promised to further-bring something that overarches, undergirds, and thoroughly encompasses. Something cosmic and eternal, yet personal. Something glorious and regal, yet humble. His gracious and self-sacrificial salvation fits at the heart, but there is more. (Even more than salvation!) He brings His Father.

Session Speakers

Jonathan Worthington

Jonathan describes himself as “of the USA by birth and of Jesus’ Kingdom by rebirth”. For 12 years he and his wife, Lynsey, have served God in Mississippi (USA), Santiago (Chile), Aberdeen (Scotland), and now Belfast. Their daughters, Anya (6) and Lydia (3), were wee Scottish bairns but now both sound like they’re straight from […]

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