Loving the Offended: Victims of Injustice

Session date: Friday 7th August 2015 Session time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Session location: Pavilion Side Session track ,

Exploring how to show God’s love to those who are victims of injustice. We see everyday the impact of injustice and violence on our world – from conflict, to the theft of land from widows, to the scourge of 36 million slaves in the world today. What does it mean to really show biblical love to people who suffer at the hands of others? What does the Bible have to say on these issues? We’ll hear from those who have been victimised, as well as talk to those who have worked with people broken through injustice. We’ll be challenged on God’s attitude to injustice and explore how to be people of sensitivity and churches of welcome and safety.

Session Speakers

Ruth Cooke

Ruth serves as Regional Development Executive for IJM with an all-Ireland remit.   Ruth’s role is to fuel the global justice movement by drawing attention to everyday violence, influencing leaders to become champions for protecting the poor, equipping Christians to live out their faith’s call to justice and rallying all people of good will to […]

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