Loving the Offender – Waging Peace on Muslims

Session date: Monday 3rd August 2015 Session time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Session location: Pavilion Side Session track ,

A counterintuitive Kingdom response to radical Islamic terrorism. The brutal displacement of entire Christian populations. Hundreds of public executions of Christians and other minorities.  Young Christian girls kidnapped into slavery.  Large territorial gains by radical Islamic forces, and threats to bring their widespread terror campaign into Europe.   How are Christians and churches to respond to such naked evil?  Stephen describes for us how in fundamentalist Muslim regions around the world, local Christians and foreign Christian workers are responding proactively, counterintuitively, and sacrificially in the face of militant Islam.

Session Speakers

Stephen Mack

Stephen  and his wife served for 27 years church planting among a Muslim people group in North Africa, until their expulsion several years ago.  They serve with the mission agency Frontiers Ireland, and from their base in Belfast they recruit, train, and oversee church planting teams serving in hard and often dangerous places across the […]

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