Next Year at University I…

Session date: Tuesday 9th August 2016 Session time: 10:00 pm - Session location: Bann Session track

An opportunity to capture God’s heart for you at University. University is a time filled with possibilities. You can sleep walk through it or wake up to its opportunities. You can lose your values or discover your soul. Independence can seem like a burden or a release valve. Your studies might direct your paths or leave you feeling lost. You might struggle to connect with new people, or make a friend for life. What you think, how you live, who you follow, what you are living for… all these will be shaped during these years. Capture God’s heart for this time and live a university life to the full.

Session Speakers

Barry Forde

Barry is the Church of Ireland chaplain at Queen’s University Belfast, which when combined with time spent studying law and theology, mean that he has been lurking around university campuses for half his adult life. He has the privilege of serving on the New Horizon Board, as well as helping wherever he can to help […]

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Philip Alcorn

Phil studied Maths and Computer Science in Queens University Belfast, where he was actively involved with the campus Christian Union. After graduating, he worked as a software engineer, before joining the staff of IFES Ireland: The Christian Unions. He married Jasmine 2 years ago, and they are living happily in Belfast with their Cocker Spaniel, […]

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