Reaching the unreached

Session date: Friday 8th August 2014 Session time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Session location: LT9 Session track

This seminar will look at the 10/40 window and how God is reaching the unreached and those with the least opportunity of hearing the Gospel message. We will see how God is calling Muslims to Himself from lands that have for centuries been held in darkness and how you too can get involved in practical evangelism and outreach to folks from these lands. We live in days of wonderful opportunity, may we seize this opportunity while the door remains open.

Session Speakers

Stanley K

Stanley K has worked in Belfast for the past six years among those who have come to our city from many countries within the 10/40 window. His passion is to encourage others to see the great opportunity that lies at our doorstep, giving practical advice and help on how to reach out to these so […]

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Stephen Mack

Stephen  and his wife served for 27 years church planting among a Muslim people group in North Africa, until their expulsion several years ago.  They serve with the mission agency Frontiers Ireland, and from their base in Belfast they recruit, train, and oversee church planting teams serving in hard and often dangerous places across the […]

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