Surprising Business in the Story of Mission

Session date: Wednesday 5th August 2015 Session time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Session location: LT9 Session track ,

Exploring the hard questions about business in mission contexts. Hard questions.  Is doing business just a pretend way to gain access to inaccessible places?  Is this not a distraction to the ‘real work’?  What if the business fails?  Or, if the business is successful, where does the money go?  Is doing business ‘here’ any different to doing business ‘there’?  How do we cope with fast moving, quick thinking entrepreneurs who may not fit easily into church or traditional mission…….?  ‘But, God….’  It seems that God thinks differently than us (Is. 55v8).  This seminar discovers surprising ways in which He is using people in business and could use you, too.

Session Speakers

Alan Cousins

Serving Christ and the church, with AIM (Africa Inland Mission), as mobiliser in Ireland. With a strong focus on ‘least reached peoples’ (encouraged by the remarkable progress being made) and on Muslim regions. After 20 years in business (UK, Dublin and South Africa), now supports workers in North Africa with their business needs, as well […]

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Philip McMillan

Philip worships at Kings Church, Bangor, where he is a Community Group leader.  He is committed to empowering Christians to impact their communities and passionate about Business as Mission. Following many years working in Nepal where he established a business as mission enterprise  he now works as a consultant to local Christian charities and grant […]

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