Thursday Creche (Pre-School)

Session date: Thursday 6th August 2015 Session time: 9:45 am - 1:00 pm Session location: Main Buildings Session track

The youth programme is offered for the benefit of children whose parents are on campus attending a Bible Reading, Seminar or Evening Celebration. New Horizon has always seen working with young people as a vital and rewarding part of the week. Different programmes are geared to appropriate ages and cover from Crèche through to 18 years of age. New Horizon adheres to a Child Protection Policy and is registered with AccessNI to carry out relevant checks on volunteer staff. Registration is available on Saturday and Sunday evenings at 1830 in the tent at the rear of the Pavilion.There is a registration charge of £20 per week for each of the activities. Full details of the programme content for each activity are available in the Registration Tent or the Information Desks.

It is expected that parents making use of Crèche facilities during the week will volunteer to help out on at least one morning. Children must wear their badges or wristbands while at events. Parents must indicate at registration whether or not their children have permission to leave events unaccompanied. Parents collecting children at the end of events should do so as promptly as possible.