University: The great student commission

Session date: Thursday 6th August 2015 Session time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Session location: LT13 Session track ,

Encouraging students to engage their campus with the gospel. University campuses are made up of an eclectic group of people – students and staff from all number of differing backgrounds, nationalities, worldviews and religions. If we are called to reach all nations with the gospel, how do we engage with our University campuses? This seminar seeks to encourage and equip Christian students to actively engage with their campus, bringing the message of the gospel to people who need to hear it – and seeing that they are the people best placed to do it!

Session Speakers

Philip Alcorn

Phil studied Maths and Computer Science in Queens University Belfast, where he was actively involved with the campus Christian Union. After graduating, he worked as a software engineer, before joining the staff of IFES Ireland: The Christian Unions. He married Jasmine 2 years ago, and they are living happily in Belfast with their Cocker Spaniel, […]

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James Diffin

James studied church history at Queen’s University, Belfast. He then worked for five years in colleges and universities around Northern Ireland, followed by a year working for the Presbyterian Chaplaincy at Queen’s University.

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