When Leaders Need a Break

Session date: Monday 3rd August 2015 Session time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Session location: M102 Session track ,

Exploring the possibility and practicalities of taking an extended sabbatical. Burnout is often understood to affect people who have spent too many hours in the office, but more often it occurs because of frustration with the status quo and a growing conviction that in your current role, you are no longer able to make a significant contribution. Many large companies and, increasingly, churches and Christian organisations are realising the benefits of encouraging their people in leadership positions to take a sabbatical. So how do I know if a sabbatical is right for me? How do I go about requesting it and how can I most effectively use the time?

Session Speakers

Gary Cousins

Originally from Northern Ireland, Gary is now based in the Black Forest region of Germany, where he works in international leadership development with CEF. He is married to Claudia, and they have two boys, Joel (14) and David (12).  Gary understands the challenges of leadership, having served as a Baptist Pastor in Northern Ireland for […]

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