YOU can stop human trafficking

Session date: Friday 8th August 2014 Session time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Session location: LT13 Session track

Did you know that you could stop human trafficking with a tweet, at work, over a coffee, or as you shop? We have heard about human trafficking and we know that it happens locally and globally. What now? Do we wait for law-makers and enforcers to put an end to modern-day slavery once and for all? We don’t think so. We exist to mobilise individuals and communities to stop human trafficking where they are and with what they have: because we believe we ALL have a part to play in this God-breathed pursuit of justice. Come find out what yours might be.

Session Speakers

Gemma Wilson

Gemma is the development manager at No More Traffik, a homegrown anti-trafficking charity which aims to raise awareness of human trafficking through large-scale events like fashion shows and political debates, training workshops with communities, professionals and students, and to mobilise individuals and communities to play a part in stopping it. NMT is also a member […]

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