Throughout the week, our amazing Media team has been chatting with lots of people at New Horizon.  Here’s a chance to meet some of the people and enjoy some of the stories – scroll down for more!

LucyMeet Lucy from the Bentley’s cafe

Interviewed by Amanda Simpson

Broadly smiling, Lucy sits down to  a caramel square and a much deserved cup of coffee on her break from working in the Bentley’s cafe inside the pavillion. Her countenance exudes happiness. She is enjoying meeting people. She tells me of one customer who commented on how joyful the staff were. He asked her, “Is everyone working here a Christian?” ‘Yes!’ she replies instantaneously, elated that he sees God working through people in this service.

Lucy goes on to explain the impact of offering people a space where they can meet together and chat. New Horizon initiates dialogue about all kinds of issues and the cafe is a space where people can come and take the opportunity to discuss and share what they’ve heard. Coffee break over, Lucy skips back behind the counter to serve the next line of customers.

PeterMeet Peter – Electrician and part of the Site Team

Interviewed by Amanda Simpson

Peter has avoided being interviewed for 21 years at the event and nervously agrees to chat to the Media team! His involvement with New Horizon began with the acquisition of the ‘big tent.’ His inspiration and motivation for coming back comes from the fellowship, teaching and friendships.

His three children have grown up through New Horizon programmes. His youngest daughter, now 16, started coming at 3 months old! For Peter, New Horizon is now a family holiday and a time of refreshment during the summer. When asked about the logistics and ‘man-power’ behind putting up the tent, he mentions a former team mate, George, now a retired prison officer. George arranged for prisoners on day release to come to the site and help set up and take down the tent. Peter speaks about the conversations which pass amongst them every year and then tells me of one prisoner who has returned to attend the event since leaving prison.

Similarly, the Milk Cup brings teenagers from all over the world who come and chat with the team, curious about the assembly of a huge tent on the site of their accommodation. For Peter, being part of New Horizon’s site team is not only an excuse for a bit of fun, but it also offers valuable opportunities to witness and work alongside people.

Meet Peter Comfort – drummer for New Irish Arts

new Irish ArtsInterview by Hannah Gowdy

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I’m 33 and I’m from Belfast. I’m self-employed as a professional musician. I play the drums, and teach and write music. I got my first drum-kit when I was five so I’ve been playing all my life. I’ve been a part of New Irish Arts band for 12 years now. New Irish Arts is a database of musicians and singers right across Ireland. We do concerts and provide resources to equip churches in worship so we do a bit of everything really – anything creative.

Why have you given up this week to be a part of leading worship at New Horizon?

It’s a privilege to be a part of New Horizon and it’s great to be a part of it with the New Irish Arts band. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to be involved.

What’s your favourite worship song and why?

Oh that’s a tough question! A song that I really, really like is ‘King of Kings, Majesty.’ Lyrically it is just incredible. It’s a song in which the verses are about the majesty of God and the chorus is a response to that- ‘Your majesty, I can but bow…’ It really makes you think about who God is and how we are to respond to Him in worship.

What advice would you give to a young musician leading praise in their local place of worship; and what encouragement would you give to more experienced musicians?

For people who lead their congregation in worship I would say to work with what you’ve got. It’s quite likely that they don’t have something like the New Irish Arts band at home so just do the best with what you have. It’s important to practise and maintain your gift. Worship desires excellence. That doesn’t mean perfection, but it’s important that we come with the gifts that we have and worship our perfect and holy God.

The big thing for me is to worship while you’re playing. It’s easy to get into the technical side of worship and to think about your ability and how you’re playing. Use your music as you’re tool to worship.

As for encouraging more experienced musicians – it’s easy to think that what you do doesn’t matter. I’ve been in that place before. You ask yourself, ‘Am I making a difference?’ The truth is that you are. However with worship the results aren’t obvious. It’s not like at the end of a sermon when a preacher does a call and response and you can see the results, but worship is a very important ministry. You don’t always see the results, but you are making a difference. Keep doing what you’re doing. Return your gift to Him – and enjoy it!

Meet Jonathan Carswell – Founder of ‘’

Books JonathanInterview by Andrew Murray

Is this your first year at New Horizon?

Although had its first year of New Horizon last year, I’ve been here before personally.


How did 10ofthose come about?

As a youth pastor in Hamilton Road Baptist Church in Bangor, I began to sell books as a hobby with the passion of getting good books delivered to as many people as possible. Although it began a Saturday hobby, it quickly snowballed, until I bought 1000 copies of three books by Vaughan Roberts: “Distinctives”, “Turning Points” and “True Worship”, commissioning the buyers to purchase ten books at a time; hence the name ‘10ofthose’. When it finally became a company in 2007, the name just stuck. As we’ve grown and done events like this, we’ve remained passionate about good literature and strived to make it available at a low cost.

Where does your passion come from?

Ultimately, it is instilled within us by God: His Holy Spirit; His word and good books, I’ve realised how I want to share this with others. Older, more mature Christians have encouraged me too.

What do you find yourself enjoying the least and the most in the job?

In a few weeks’ time I have to go for an operation to remove a hernia, caused by lifting too many boxes. However, the thing I love the most is when somebody tells you that they read a book you suggested to them, telling you it was brilliant, asking for more and  ultimately changing their life.

Your vision statement of ‘’ states that you ‘use generated money to further resource the church’. What does that mean?

In an event like New Horizon, a portion of the money spent is returned to New Horizon so they can keep it a free event and things like that. We also have a charity of the year – this year it’s ‘Yorkshire Camps’, running camps for unchurched kids in Yorkshire, an especially deprived area of England. Overall, the profits that we generate help to give free resources to places that would be otherwise unable to afford it – Bible colleges across the world, students here and things like ‘Yorkshire Camps’.