Thoughts So Far


Alex – “The worship is so lively and what I like most about it is that it caters to all ages. I’ve really noticed how willing people are to serve, like the stewards taking time to walk folk to their seats”.



Josh – “I’m the type of person who enjoys golden moments, the informal times chatting over coffee and sharing God’s grace. The Unconditional Love theme has come at the right moment, it’s the most appropriate thing to go for instead of a twisted perspective of Jesus. We are getting back to basics. I think this theme will be played out in workplaces and  churches where we can understand the radical grace of God that brings obedience which leads to an overflow of love, peace and joy.

_JF10419Peter and Kim – “We came this year for the Bible teaching, worship and to see people we don’t see from one year to the next, in that order. Immediately, when you enter the tent there is a real feeling of transparency and authenticity about the place and the people.


Rachel – “I’ve been coming to New Horizon for many years. It is a special place for me as I became a Christian here when I was 8 years old because of what the leaders said to me at SU. My highlight so far this year has been able to show love to the kids I look after in crèche, and knowing how grateful the parents are for what we are doing there”

_JF10417Zak – “This is my first time at New Horizon. My friends recommended it because they have experienced so many amazing things in previous years so they told me I had to come up and experience it for myself”