Even after four years as an On The Edge leader, I’m still amazed at how much OTE can transform both the young people and the leaders. For those who are unfamiliar with the pattern of our event, here is the basic lowdown:

The first half of the evening event begins with some silly boy vs. girl games (this year the girls one – woop!), a cool video (an almost professional standard series of comedy videos starring talented team leaders) interviews (where a leader dresses up as some comedy character and interviews a member of the team) and a funny drama (usually involving some panto involvement from the kids). Then after the interval, we have Faith in Action (supporting a certain charity e.g. Release International), Prayer (a chance for the kids to experience how prayer is a powerful force), Q and A (an anonymous question time covering the kid’s wondering questions, such as ‘did God create dinosaurs?’ or ‘how to I become a Christian?’), the talk (discussing important issues as young people) and worship (led by some pretty talented guys. Many kids say this is their favourite part of OTE. It’s as loud as any rock concert!). 

This year, we focused our talks around the general New Horizon theme of ‘Unleashing The Truth’ and our specific theme was ‘Truth & Dare’. The talks were split in two halves: firstly, explaining an aspect of the truth, then secondly, daring to live this out. We explored key Christian issues, such as ‘how do we know the Bible is true?’, ‘the truth about Jesus’ ‘what do we do once we know the truth?’ and ‘how the truth transforms us’. On Tuesday night, Michael  from the charity, Release International, came to speak about persecuted Christians in North Korea, explaining how some Christians have dared to follow the truth during persecution. 

OTE is definitely not for wee kids—we treat you like mature young people, and discuss real issues for your age group, while also having you laugh so hard your sides hurt! OTE opened my eyes in so many ways, which is probably why I keep coming back year after year. 

Claire Hunter