As soon as I heard that the theme of this year’s new Horizon was ‘Truth unleashed’, the Acts of the Apostles lit up for me as apt for the bible readings. My preparation has increasingly confirmed this. We will be looking at the first 5 chapters but not necessarily a chapter each morning, as you can see from the references for each morning:
Monday Acts 1 Making Preparation
Tuesday Acts 2: 1-21 Being empowered
Wednesday Acts 2: 22-38; 3: 1-26 Understanding the Truth
Thursday Acts 2: 40-46; 4: 23- 5: 16 Living the Truth
Friday Acts 4: 1-22; 5: 17- 41 Suffering for Truth

The gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles are 2 volumes on the life of Jesus. Volume 1 is what he said and did, volume 2 is about what he continues to say and do. We will discover, in these studies, how Jesus continues to make the truth known through us and its implications for us in Ireland in 2011.

You will find Theophilus, Luke’s, patron, a guy you can identify with. He had loads of questions which we wrestle with today. He was a Gentile and most of the bible was written by Jews for Jews. He needed to know where he fitted in. If Jesus was the king who had come to make everything all right how come so much was still all wrong? You too must have wondered? Theophilus, like us, was part of a multifaith society with many gods, what were the implications for Jesus being the king who had been promised, was he just another of the same? And if the kingdom of God had come how did it work alongside the political kingdoms like the Roman Empire or for us today, the European Union? We will discover how Luke addresses these issues directly and directly as he shows how the Truth is to be unleashed.

Trevor Morrow