Sunday 2 August

Ben Kwashi from Nigeria was speaking at New Horizon on Sunday evening.  Here’s a summary of his message from the NH Media Team.  Enjoy!

Reading from Romans 1: 16 – 17

Paul writes, “I am not ashamed of the Gospel for it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek…”

Often people have heard about this Gospel but their interpretation gets mixed up. The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is about the love of God. It is about God loving the whole world so much that He gave His son to die as a sacrifice for the sins of the whole world. No one need perish. God has come to us in human form.

It was not an invention of people that Jesus is God. The first disciples of Jesus were Jews and they knew that it was impossible for any man to call another man, “God.” Doing that was blasphemy. They had been warned not to worship anything else. But when Thomas saw Jesus, he proclaimed, “My Lord and my God.” The disciples knew that what they had seen was beyond any human creation. Their encounter with Jesus was an encounter with God.

The climax came as Jesus took the sin of the whole world upon Himself, was nailed to the cross and died. Joseph buried Him and the whole world went quiet because the authorities had done their worst. They thought they had silenced Jesus permanently.

But on the third day, the tomb couldn‘t hold Him anymore. He rose again. He defeated the powers of hell, the powers of death, the chains and shackles that hold sinners. Jesus set them loose and set the prisoners free.

That is good news! That is why people like me can come here and share with you the truth that once I was blind but now I can see. Once I was lost but now I’m found. Only Jesus can do that.

Jesus paid the price for my sin and set me free. Nobody should perish anymore. The price is paid. The only thing that is left for any of us to do is to respond. Paul said, “I’m not ashamed of this Gospel.” Whoever believes it, gets saved and they are set free forevermore.. But you’ve got to believe it. You’ve got to receive it for yourself. No-one can receive it for you!

Paul says that this same Gospel is the power – the dynamite – of God. So when you receive the love of God, you are a receiving a dynamic love… a love that will not leave you as you are. It will transform your life from the inside. The love won’t let you stay the way you are. Light begins to shine and you know that something has to change. God’s righteousness transforms you. .

And because the Gospel is dynamite, you can’t keep it to yourself!  The power of the Gospel will not allow me to keep quiet. It is impossible for you to receive the Gospel and keep it to yourself!

My great grandfather was a king.  In 1907, a 32-year-old English man called Rev. Fox and his brother, Dr. Fox spoke to the king about Jesus Chrsit and the king told his kingdom that he would no longer worship the gods of his people. He was prepared to abdicate his throne in order to follow Jesus Christ.  This is history. When you love Jesus, you cannot keep it to yourself.

Throw away your culture! No culture is the Gospel. Let us go back to the Scripture. Any culture that does not come under the scrutiny of the Gospel will not stand a chance. The love of God is beyond any culture.

Share the Gospel with your children!  Let the environment of your home be a place where children feel secure in the love of God and visitors know that the love of God is real! Families that share the Gospel affect other families.

Get freed by the Gospel and live fully as God wants you to live so you can share it!

Of those two missionaries, Dr. Fox was coming back to Africa to set up the first hospital in Northern Nigeria. Eighteen miles from my village, he fell ill and died. Soon afterwards, his older brother Rev. Fox also fell ill. On the way, he died too. CMS had to report to the parents that both their sons had died!

The parents were grieved that two of their children had died on the mission field so they went out and sold a portion of their land.  They brought the proceeds to CMS and pleaded that the cause for which their children died would not stop. “The Lord of the mission knows why He took our children but may their ministry continue.”

Those two young men had comfortable jobs. They left their home only to die on the soil of Africa. Were they mad? What could have pushed them to do that?

They felt a sense of the love of God. They knew that people must hear the Gospel. My great grandfather received the love of God and his entire kingdom with him!

 The love of God is real. It is true. And it must be shared!