Seminars support the Bible study and Evening Celebration programme by exploring the main theme from a variety of different angles. This is the beauty of the full New Horizon event that we can creatively engage with the Bible in many ways and that we can invite a variety of voices to underwrite the overall teaching schema.

Two dominant themes have emerged this year… one focuses on a deeper study of the Bible and the other considers how we can use the Bible in pastoral situations and to address the complex questions of our day. Each theme is driven by a number of adjectives and words that we use to describe God’s Word.

New Horizon’s ‘Bible School’ for those who want to trawl the depths of this ground-breaking book.

• Truthful Word
• Surprising Word
• Prophetic Word
• Engaging Word

God’s voice speaks to the complexity of life in the 21st century with clarity and addresses many perplexing questions within and beyond the church doors.

• Convincing Word
• Healing Word
• Persuasive Word
• Worship Words
• Provocative Word
• Abiding Word

We invite you to look at the full complement of seminars at  and our hope is that our programme will catch your imagination and will support your own journey of faith in 2011.

Lynda Gould

Management Team