Why ‘radical hospitality’?

Radical hospitality begins with the gospel: the truth and grace of God to us in Christ Jesus.  A baby born to a mother who found no space in the guest room.  A wandering teacher who had nowhere to lay his head.  A preacher of a kingdom of welcome that must be entered through childlike faith.  A king whose only time in palaces was before kangaroo courts and whose only throne was a cross.  Jesus came to His own, but his own did not receive him, yet to those who received Him, who believed in His name, He gave a rich welcome into the family of God and an eternal home with Him.  Those who follow Jesus as Lord can learn from Him to honour others in their otherness, to dine with sinners without sinning with diners, and to be at home as strangers in the world.  We can learn, like Jesus, to testify to truth while God’s grace overflows from our lives to others.

Evening Celebrations and Bible Teaching
Throughout this week, our speakers will lead us through the implications of the gospel for our lives as individuals and churches as we seek to be radically hospitable: